"Off Again" now avilable to stream!

BIG NEWS! My new song "Off Again" is available to stream on Spotify and all other major music platforms STARTING TODAY! The song tells the story of a star-crossed cowpunk romance with an unhappy ending. The Bakersfield Brawl and I…

The Cowpunk Demo

HEY I’VE GOT NEW MUSIC FOR YOU – and I want to get it to you in the most cowpunk way possible.

My bandmates in the Bakersfield Brawl and I recorded three songs at the Spacement, a recording studio…

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October 2021 update

Howdy, friends! 

It’s been quiet around these parts the last couple weeks, so I thought I’d provide a short update on what’s going on with my musical endeavors. After the long pandemic-imposed hiatus, I played something like 14 shows…

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The Nine Days EP

Iowa singer-songwriter Fred Love has announced the June 12 release of a new five-song EP recorded entirely in his basement. 

The Nine Days EP showcases a songwriter facing up to the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on his family…

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“After 20 years of pickin’ we’re still alive and kickin’ down the wall…” 

“Footlights,” one of my favorite Merle Haggard songs, showcases an older and wiser Merle lamenting that his career as a traveling musician has left him with…

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2017 has been a hell of a year for me, gang. 

To name just a few highlights:  I released an album, joined forces with my musical soulmates for a rowdy street dance to celebrate my hometown’s 175th anniversary and…

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The new album is ready for your ear holes! 

As you can see from the photo of my devilishly handsome son, I’ve got physical CDs that I’ll be selling at all my shows for the rest of the summer…

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The album is finished and ready for your ear holes!

I just received the final mastered tracks from Sage Audio in Nashville this week, and it sounds pretty darn good if I may say so. I can't wait to…

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The Album is Recorded!

Hey, gang! I just wanted to give everyone a quick update on the record and my life in general.  First off, the album is 100 percent recorded. Yes, you read that right, buddy. All the tracks on all 11 songs…

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New album in 2017!

Hey, gang! 

As I write this, I’m preparing for the fourth recording session for a brand-new solo album to be released next year. I’m so excited to bring this new music to you, I can’t harldy wait. But, as…

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